10 Mar. 2020
Your ration at your fingertips
Emily Ets

Manage the loading of the TMR in your bucket or mixing wagon

Calculate the daily rations precisely

A few minutes are enough to manage all rations of your cattle

Create 20 ingredients and more than 20 rations

The Emily’Feed application makes the daily calculations inherent in livestock feeding easier. Emily’Feed operates offline (not connected to the internet) and is entirely free of charge .

Emily’Feed calculates in real time the quantities of silage to be unloaded according to the number of animals. Each day, the user merely needs to select the ration that they wish to distribute and state the number of animals within the group. Emily’Feed helps the driver to manage the number of distribution rounds.

It informs the driver of the number of distribution rounds required and the quantity of feed to be unloaded from the silo per round. Likewise, Emily’Feed can be used for the accurate distribution of dry feed to sheep and goats. Dry feed mixer buckets such as the Duomix may have a weighing frame on the bucket.

Emily’Feed will therefore inform the farmer of the quantities of each of the ingredients that must be mixed for each of the groups of animals.

The application allows highly flexible herd management. Groups can be created simply and quickly, without making the daily task more complicated. Users can create more than 20 ingredients and more than 20 rations in Emily’Feed.