05 Oct. 2020

Emily, manufacturer of material handling attachments for over 45 years, with over 100 employees, thirty rewards linked to innovation, with a turnover of 19M euros, launches its new screw concrete mixers CIMA: the brand expert in concrete mixers. The Cima screw mixer was designed for building and public works specialists demanding.

New models of concrete mixer buckets
Emily Ets

The range of concrete mixer bucket is expanding

Illustration de godet malaxeur malaxage de béton

Its Hardox screw design allows high productivity and efficiency as well as perfect homogeneity of different products (concrete, mortar, gravel cement). The range is now composed of 10 models: from 200 to 1165 Liters (water volume) and 150 to 800L of mixing volume (volume of dry concrete without water).

  • Mixer screw in Hardox
  • Transmission by reinforced chains
  • One-piece bucket with stainless sheet (from BMX 5550)
  • Galvanized cover with opening gas rams
  • Hydraulic security on the cover
  • Hoses with hydraulic coupling
  • Discharging tube width 2 m

Cima Brand : the expert brand for concrete mixer bucket

Advantages of concrete mixer bucket


The Cima concrete mixer bucket can be mounted on all machinery handlers.
Bolted adaptation to fit the bucket to any machinery handler of different brands.


The Cima Concrete Mixer Bucket has a stainless steel tank and a heavy-duty mixer screw.
The transmission is made by reinforced chain and full drive gearing.
The mixer screw is made of Hardox and the bearings are oversized for maximum sturdiness and durability.
Triple seal bearings and double lubrication of the transmission for an optimum sealproof.


The Cima Concrete Mixer Bucket provides users with safety and security.
The mixing screw stops automatically when the user opens the cover thanks to a hydraulic sensor for maximum safety.
Protective cover (no hand can go through the cover)

The Cima concrete mixer bucket easily accesses the most difficult places.

Fast and homogeneous mixing with 2 rotation directions

Efficient mobility on site

200 mm diameter discharging tube for quick bucket emptying.

Photo d'un godet malaxeur bétonnière cima

Adjustment of the hydraulic door from your cab to manage the discharging flow

Gas rams for semi-automatic opening during loading.