Being as close as possible to you every day through demonstrations on your farms or on production sites, allows us to get to know you better, to understand you and thus develop products that correspond to you.

Our goal

Constantly searching for reliable technical solutions to save time on a daily basis and reduce hard work.

3 patents per year

36 innovation awards in 20 years

m2 dedicated to R&D only

Innovation to meet your needs



• A team of 12 people dedicated to the development and improvement of our products

• 6% of turnover is dedicated to R&D

• High-performance CAD / DAO software (design, resistance of materials, etc.) and database associated with our ERP (PDM)

• Test benches and protocols to accelerate the aging of our machines.

• 2,800 M2 of surface area dedicated to the development and production of our own tools, and the training of our employees in the manufacture of new products

• 36 Innovation awards in 20 years.

• 3 patents per year

• Silos and storage sheds for factory tests

Emily R&D Team
Illustration bureau d'étude Emily
Prototype welding
Test protocol
2800 M2 for research and development

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