Company life

05 Oct. 2020

Emily launches its EMILY’CLEAN brand: the expert brand in Industrial cleaning. For over 45 years Emily has been a material handling attachments manufacturer ; now it is more than 100 employees and twenty Innovations Awards.

a major challenge for the company

In its catalogue EMILY’CLEAN offers industrial sweepers that are adapted to all type of machinery handler (forklift, telehandler, loader, etc.).
Its aims are to meet the new challenges related to cleanliness in the industrial sector, and to offer high-performance solutions for the industrial sector.

INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE is endlessly questioned in our modern society. It must continually improve and adapt as it is a key to the profi¬tability of most companies.
This performance must integrate new concepts : the fast development of technologies such as robotic or digital technologies, and also the role of human beings in the production process.

They are key to this performance, not only because of their ability to respond, to adapt in real time, but also because of their
commitment to the company’s results. This adaptation fits into the wider context of people’s changing expectations regarding the world of work. This profound social trend is accelerating with each new generation for which enjoyment of work has become a new state of mind.

Within this context, the working environment plays an essential role as it directly affects the commitment of employees.
This is where the role of INDUSTRIAL CLEANING comes into its own and becomes an integral part of a modern company management approach.

EMILY’CLEAN Industrial sweepers : your essential allies for meeting these challenges

It involves everyone within the company : from the management, the production to human resources departments and, of course, the safety managers are the key players of industrial cleaning.

Safety, well-being, commitment, efficiency

Balayeuse industrielle sécurité Emily'Clean

The use of Emily’Clean sweepers, for indoors and / or outdoors, optimizes safety by reducing the risk of accidents, encourage employee commitment and well-being by providing a clean and healthy environment.
It strengthens the company’s overall performance and competitiveness.

The strengths of the EMILY’CLEAN brand : Innovative and user-friendly sweepers, suitable to all fork trucks on the market, a quality performance, a local sales team and 45 years of experience in the handling equipments.